Hotel Reviews – Why You Need to Book With a Site That Offers Reviews!

If you have yet to actually use an online website to book a hotel, then you are going to want to know some of the ins and outs of what you are getting into with the hotel. If you have used a website to book a hotel, then you are probably more concerned because maybe you had a bad experience or want to have another great experience. This is why hotel reviews are so important and here is what to know about them.

First, with hotel reviews you are going to get the low down about the hotel from other people that have stayed there. This is super important because they will be honest and tell you exactly what they thought. They get to give it 1 to 5 stars and they get to write their comments. This means that if something was not good or it was excellent they can tell you about it to help you make a better decision about where you stay.

Second, hotel reviews are super important because you will get a discount when you leave on. After you stay at a hotel that you booked through an online website like Hotels by City you will get to review it and they will give you a discount on your next hotel through them. This is great because you can help others and get a better rate on your next hotel when you decide it is time to travel again.

Last, one other thing you should know about booking hotels and using the reviews is that some people are never going to be happy. You need to read a good 10 or more reviews and side with the majority. If most of them are bad, then you know it is not a good place to stay, but if most are good and there is just one person that was not happy, then it was probably them and not the hotel. Keep this in mind when you choose a hotel.